No Year’s Resolution

When I went to the gym this morning I saw people lining up to join. I felt slightly smug to be a regular, not some loser who only signs up in the beginning of January only to drop out after a few weeks.

On the other hand I’m no better. I let my “new lifestyle” slip completely during November and December and had to pay dearly in the hard currency of BMI points. But now, with the new year like fresh virgin snow ahead of me, I know I’ll stick to the straight and narrow and reach my goal effortlessly.

Yeah. Right.

The goal is to reach BMI 25 by the end of the year. That means I need to drop 7 points over a year or just over 0.5 point per month. When you put it like that it doesn’t seem so difficult.

My plan is to keep my personal combination of 5:2 diet and Dukan’s attack phase. This means that two days every week I eat a diet containing mostly protein. Dukan says exclusively protein, but I like to add something little on the side. Being a foodie and all that.

Also my aim is to exercise at least five days every week.

The first challenge, of course, is that I go on holiday next week. Need to rest after Christmas. Let’s see how that tallys with my snowy bright vision of the future.

Up 0.6 since November.

Milestone II

In July 2017 I decided to toughen up. Since February my husband and I had tried to stick to the 5:2 lifestyle and it worked a treat for him. In June all his clothes were too big and he had to invest in a set of new summer trousers. His diabetes doctor told him his blood test results had gone down so he could now be considered a borderline diabetic. If he continued this healthy lifestyle he could possibly stop medicating.

That’s great news and I’m so envious. I had not lost as much, even though I was pleased with the fact that I actually stopped gaining. My BMI was down to 31.9 – still pointing at obesity. I decided to get a second opinion from an other specialist who confirmed just that. She also confirmed that everything my regular endocrinologist told me, which was good news.

One thing this doctor pointed out was that cardio training is more important than anything else to start burning fat. I thought I had a good weekly mix of:

  • Tennis because I enjoy it,
  • Fierce Grace Hot Yoga for toning muscles and increase flexibility
  • Gym to build muscles
  • Swim and/or power walks

In the past I have also taken several courses of Boot Camps. I’ve tried both indoors and outdoor camps and I really love them. I like the holistic idea of intensive training coupled with nutritional advice and support. Having a positive trainer and working out in a group is a great experience. During these courses my muscle mass increased of course, but my weird metabolism still allowed my weight to gallop in the wrong direction.

This new doctor said to focus on power walks, at least 40 minutes at least four times every week. I took her advice, except I didn’t stop playing tennis because I enjoy it so much. And on rainy days I do 40 minutes on the rower at the gym instead of walking outside. It can’t be all bad.

People say I should be pleased with dropping 2.5 BMI points in 9 months.