A Bad, Bad Girl

I am so embarrassed! Ten days ago I set out to give you weekly updates on the progress of my weight loss, full of confidence that my BMI would fall off me as it has the last few months. But I didn’t reckon on the Festive Season.

Parties, mulled wine, hot chocolate, cakes… What happened to my resistance? And last night, after a long meeting I was so hungry I cracked and bought a pizza on the way home. PIZZA?! Not a lovely Chicken Pizza but a proper, cheesy carb pizza from my fabulous local pizza maker.

I’m just saying one thing right now. Revision of plans. My BMI is up to 31.7 and at this point it’s not realistic to go under 30 by the end of the year. The new plan is to stay around 31.5 and not gain any during December.

In January it’s a new regime!