About Your Chubby Blogger

I am not a doctor, dietician or nutritional coach although I have consulted people like that often enough. The reflections here have no scientific holdings what so ever, they are nothing but my own personal experiences.

About ten years ago I started gaining weight. Before then I had never really thought about dieting or healthy eating. I was – still am – a pasta addict. All my life I’ve cooked with real butter and full fat cream without putting on any extra kilos. I had a BMI of about 21 for decades. But suddenly my metabolism changed and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

It’s not that I actually mind being a bit chubby, but the health aspects are a worry. Knees and other joints have to carry all that extra weight every day. The extra preassure it puts on the heart. The risk of developing diabetes II. All those things bother me.

ChubbyBloggerOct2016A year ago I hit an all time high. I had gained 25 kilos in seven years and my BMI was approaching 35. I gave up my previous resistance and accepted my dietician’s referral to Weight Watchers. From late November to mid-February I took a three months subscribtion but I only lost 0.4 BMI-points. Over the last five years I had tried different diets, exercised, given up this, given up that but the girth kept expanding. Nothing helped, even my dietician gave up on me and admitted she’d given me all the advice she had.

That’s when I realised my weight gain wasn’t only “my fault” but also medical. A few years back I had been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s syndrome, a defect of the Thyroid gland, for which I had been given medication ever since. In January 2017 I started googling and soon realised that I probably needed a different kind of medication. Luckily I have a very good doctor who agreed with me and I’m convinced that the new meds have helped steering my metabolism towards a healthier place. But it is still a very slow process…

I love good food and good wine. I have now decided that life is too short to stop enjoying these little things. We only ever live here and now, actually. Better make the most of it!