Time For A Scapegoat

I know it’s all about taking responsibility and consequences of your behaviour, but really… I’ve now added another half BMI point and it’s really not my fault.

After the pasta fest in Milan and the festive season, which didn’t help me reach my goals much, I went to beautiful Madeira on holiday. The plan was to play tennis before breakfast, go hiking on the levadas and swim several times a day. Well, it turns out that even Madeira gets some rain in January and the tennis courts at the hotel were too wet to play. So no tennis. I did, however, experience lovely levada walks and had great swims every day. But I also had a few blowout dinners which more than compensated for any lost calory caused by daytime activity.

A Goat In The Bathroom

One of the reasons I went on holiday was that my bathroom was being renovated and I was told that there would be no facilities whatsoever during the first week of the works. Seemed like a good enough reason to escape to Madeira. When I came back, it turned out that the work will not take “maximum two weeks” but more like three – if we’re lucky – so I had to leave home again. For a week now since my return I’ve been exiled to a friend’s house.

It’s really difficult to kick off the new year with sensible eating and drinking when you’re not based at home. This is nothing to do with my character, you understand, and it’s certainly not my friend’s fault. I’ve decided it’s the bathroom people’s. They’re the cause my BMI is now back to where it was in July last year.

Grace & Graham To The Rescue

The good news is that I have decided to rebel against my doctor’s advice in July to do mostly cardio exercise. My muscles really long for a good workout and I’ve resumed Fierce Grace yoga. I’ve also started working with Graham, a personal trainer, who reminded me that building muscle burns energy for up to 48 hours whereas cardio is more of a here-and-now blast.

Naturally I’ll also keep enjoying my energising power walks and the odd tennis game. I’ll keep you posted!

My BMI is up 1.5 since November. Not my fault any more – time for a scapegoat.

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